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Tentative Schedule for the 2022 World Adhesive & Sealant Conference

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Confirmed Keynote Addresses

Connecting What Matters: The Future of the Adhesives Industry

Jim Owens, President & CEO
H.B. Fuller Company

Monday Afternoon Opening Keynote

Adhesives and sealants enable advances in nearly every consumer or durable good imaginable, and the events of 2020 have made our industry’s contributions even more important to improving people’s lives. As CEO of the largest pure-play adhesives company in the world, Mr. Owens will review the future of the industry in a post-pandemic environment and how technologies and bonding applications that were originally quite unrelated are becoming more closely integrated and even unified as they develop and advance. This growing trend presents both challenges and opportunities in the adhesives industry to leverage the new ways of working that emerged in 2020 and develop technologies that solve a range of performance challenges, including harsh environmental conditions and consumer preferences for lighter, safer, stronger, and more sustainable products. The session will highlight how critical people and ideas are in our industry and how important it is to develop innovative thinking at every level of the organization to elevate the value creation and importance of the adhesives industry.


Adhesives and Sealants Facing the Rising Trend of Sustainability: Risks and Opportunities

Vincent Legros, Chairman & CEO

Wednesday Morning Keynote

We will review during this presentation how the rising concerns around sustainability throughout the world can challenge the adhesives industry and can question the technologies which are in place. We will see how sustainability should be a key lever to increase the overall penetration of innovative solution in the adhesive industry and how we should increase even more the intimacy with our customers to take advantage of this rising trend.


Sticking with Science! The Need for STEM Advocacy

Dr. Jayshree Seth, Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate
3M Company

Tuesday Afternoon Keynote

Science matters to us - at 3M we care about science. We wanted to understand the public’s perception around science, so we conducted a global third-party study called the ‘3M State of Science Index’ and what we found is that science is largely underappreciated, invisible or taken-for-granted. People don’t seem to understand or acknowledge the role of science in their daily lives but have huge expectations for what it should deliver in the future. It is clear science needs advocates, especially since 4 out of 10 surveyed said that if science didn’t exist their lives wouldn’t be any different!

It is also apparent that the relationship of science with people is complex. In fact, 85% of people surveyed admit they know little to nothing about science, but the same percent wish they knew more. Moreover, 87% of the global community believes we need science to solve the world’s problems. Nearly 60% of people interested in science say that they believe scientific advancements will benefit future generations. It was also interesting and perhaps not surprising to see that women trail men in the positive sentiment of science and almost 60% view scientists are elitists.

Jayshree was appointed as 3M’s first-ever Chief Science Advocate and she will be sharing the results of this multi-year survey, what 3M is doing about it, and a call for action for all of us.

Shaping the Future of Adhesive Technologies

Nicolas Krauss, Divisional Head of Industrials and Electronics, Regional Head of Americas,
Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Tuesday Morning Keynote

As global market leader in adhesive technologies, we will give an overview on the key challenges and opportunities we see and how market participants can shape our industry towards an even more exciting future. Key topics we will discuss include sustainability, digitization, innovation, supply chain resilience and talent management.


Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19 for Adhesives and Sealants

Harry Moser, Founder & President
Reshoring Initiative®

Wednesday Afternoon Keynote

COVID-19 has revealed deadly shortages of medical products due to 90 to 95% dependence on imports, especially from China. Similar dependence is true in many key industry sectors including defense material. It is now clear: shorter supply chains are stronger, more competitive supply chains. We will demonstrate that shorter supply chains are also more profitable for OEM and supplier for 20 to 40% of products. Tools to identify the 20 to 40% will be provided. Examples of adhesive and sealant reshoring and FDI (foreign direct investment) will be presented. Reshoring of adhesive/sealant intense products and how to convince OEMs to reshore more assembly will be presented.


Preliminary Education Schedule…

Tuesday Morning Education Sessions (tentative):


Feedstock & Material Markets




Henkel Sustainability Across the Value Chain


Bio-based and Bio-Inspired Materials

Tuesday Afternoon Education Sessions (tentative):


Dow Sponsored Sustainable Track (TBD)


An Industry Panel: Supply and Demand During Volatile Times


Sylane Terminated Hybrid Polymers


Hot Melt Technology for Packaging and Hygiene

Wednesday Morning Education Sessions (tentative):


The Art of Successful Global M&A - Value Creation, Risks, Enabling Insights


Innovation Awards


Applications in Building Construction


High Performing Structural Adhesives

Wednesday Afternoon Education Sessions (tentative):


Circularities Through Materials and Processes


Reactive Polyurethane Materials


Adhesives as Enablers in E-Mobility


Dispersions and Emulsion Technology


The World Adhesive & Sealant Conference in 2022 is the most important INTERNATIONAL event for stakeholders in the Adhesive and Sealant industry worldwide. WAC takes place only once every four years alternating between the United States, Europe and Asia.

In 2022 the event is being organized by The Adhesive & Sealant Council


The WAC Conference will feature exclusive keynote addresses and educational sessions featuring subject matter experts from around the world. Speakers will share their knowledge and expertise on the latest business and technology developments and innovations and opportunities in the adhesive and sealant markets.


Short Course

A Hot Melt Adhesives Short Course is co-located with the WAC2022. This technical course a two day short course that takes place April 25-26, 2022. This intensive course is designed to deliver fundamental knowledge of formulating and use of hot melts.



The World Adhesive EXPO is the adhesive and sealant industry's WORLD trade show, held only once every four years. Meet FACE to FACE with raw materials and service suppliers, distributors, and equipment manufacturers from around the world to discuss your needs and discover new products and services. EXCLUSIVE sponsorships are also available!




Interested in exhibiting? Reserve a booth or get more information using the link below...


Held only once every four years, WAC is the premier international event to meet and network with industry professionals from around the world. NO OTHER event brings together this many adhesive and sealant suppliers, manufacturers, equipment companies, and end users in one place. WAC is indeed the place to be in 2022!

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Connect in 2022
with the Global Adhesive & Sealant Industry!


Opening Reception & Dinner

Attendees can look forward to an entertaining and GRAND 'Chicago Style' Opening welcoming the global adhesive & sealant community to WAC 2022 in the 'Windy City' followed by a reception and dinner.


High Impact Keynotes

Subject matter experts and internationally recognized speakers will deliver highly impactful keynotes on timely subjects of interest to the adhesive & sealant industry.

View confirmed keynotes for WAC2022 HERE.


Educational Programming for Technical & Business Staff

Industry experts share their knowledge, expertise, and experience to keep you and your company up to date on the latest developments, technologies and business opportunities.

A Hot Melt Short Course and a Emerging Leaders Workshop will be offered at WAC2022 as well.


Adhesive & Sealant EXPO

The 2022 World Adhesive & Sealant EXPO brings together global suppliers, distributors, and equipment manufacturers to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry.

It has been SIX years since the event has taken place so demand will be high!

Looking to reserve a BOOTH at the EXPO? Download the information packet for complete details, then contact Malinda Armstrong at +1 301-986-9700 x1106,



Exclusive Networking Events

Held only once every four years, WAC is the premier international event to meet and network with industry professionals from around the world. Numerous events and opportunities to connect will be available and it's been SIX YEARS since the international community has gathered!


2022 Innovation Awards

The 2022 ASC Innovation Awards recognize companies that have made efforts to differentiate and make significant impact in the marketplace. This year we focus on GLOBAL innovations! Be sure to join us as we announce the “2022 Innovation Award” winners.

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Incredible SPONSORSHIP Opportunities for Companies

STAND ABOVE THE CROWD at WAC 2022. Exclusive opportunities are available to reach the global industry at this important event! Download an information packet for complete details, then contact Malinda Armstrong at +1 301-986-9700 x1106,



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WAC Organizer:


For WAC to be successful for the global adhesive and sealant community for which it is held, ASC, as host, must ensure it is scheduled at a time most suitable for its international attendees.

Global uncertainty about the economy and the Covid-19 health crisis remains a concern through mid-2021. Therefore, with strong support from our Asian and European partners, we decided that the responsible decision was to move the 10th World Adhesive and Sealant Conference (WAC) to 2022.

We are diligently working to deliver a world-class event that will be memorable for all participants for years to come!

Bill Allmond

President, The Adhesive & Sealant Council, U.S.A.

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WAC Co-Promoters:


The Adhesive and Sealants Manufacturers Association of Canada (ASMAC)


Japan Adhesive Industry Association (JAIA)


Korea Adhesive Industry Association (KAIA)


Taiwan Synthetic Resins & Adhesives Industrial Association (TSRAIA)


China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association (CATIA)


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